COVID Gyan Videos

COVID Gyan videos below are offered in a variety of languages:
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COVID: Symptoms, Testing, & Prevention, with Dr. Yuka Manabe:

Treatment Options if You’re Home with Mild Symptoms, with Dr. Paul Auwaerter:

Treatment Options to Stop Severe Illness, with Dr. Paul Auwaerter:

Dexamethasone: When, How, and Why It’s Effective, with Dr. Paul Auwaerter:

Remdesivir: Does It Really Work? With Dr. Paul Auwaerter:

Answering FAQs on Vaccination, with Dr. Brian Wahl:

Types of COVID Screening, Tests, and Their Efficacy, with Dr. Oliver Laeyendecker:

What is Mild, Moderate, and Severe COVID-19, with Dr. Robert Bollinger:

Blood Tests and New Treatments, with Dr. Robert Bollinger:

Home-Based Proning, with Dr. Sanjay Desai:

How to Use a Pulse Oximeter, with Drs. Nadia Hansel and Sanjay Desai: