Johns Hopkins University recently finalized two memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with Apex Kidney Foundation (AKF), Mumbai, and Ashoka University with the goals of conducting joint research, expanding educational exchanges of students, and providing training opportunities. The partnership with Apex Kidney Foundation also aims to strengthen and expand health science training and education, contribute to regional efforts to improve health, and establish scholarship grants and awards and clinical trials in nephrology and transplantation.

“Chronic kidney disease is a major concern in India,” Dr. Chirag Parikh, Director, Division of Nephrology, JHU said. “Working with Apex offers the opportunity to effect change in health outcomes directly with the people who need it.”

“Enhancing education and supporting research surrounding kidney health issues in India is our key priority,” Dr. Jatin Kothari, Director & Chief Consultant, AKF said. “The MOU with JHU is another way for us to expand work on this important charge.”

The collaboration with Ashoka University focuses on health and clinical research on topics including infectious diseases, mental health, cancer, and metabolic disorders.

“Just one of the great things to arise from this agreement is a Breakthrough Research Seed Grant program that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration between our two institutions,” Prof. Malabika Sarkar, Vice Chancellor, Ashoka University said. “Programs like this will bring innovative solutions to health challenges across multiple platforms in India.”

“Facilitating these collaborations is incredibly important for the Gupta-Klinsky India Institute’s mission of broadening partnerships in India,” Dr. Amita Gupta, co-chair of the Faculty Steering Committee of GKII said. “The agreements are the first step in building that network of collective expertise to tackle big issues creatively.”

About Apex Kidney Foundation

Apex Kidney Foundation is a charitable trust founded in 2008 by two philanthropists and four nephrologists. The foundation actively works to educate the general population about kidney diseases. It holds various seminars and conferences to help increase the core competency of doctors and physicians. It also provides support to those who are already inflicted with kidney diseases.

About Ashoka University

Ashoka University is a philanthropy-driven private university in India. The university’s mission is to build an inclusive institution of excellence in teaching and research, to nurture responsible leaders for India and the world, and to be a pioneering force for interdisciplinary higher education.