Research Plan Requirements


The research plan must be no longer than three single-spaced pages (including figures) in a font no smaller than 11 points, with margins of at least 0.5 inches on all sides.  

Background (including Preliminary Results, if available) & Significance: 

  • Describe the issue that this pilot project seeks to address and how
  • Describe how the pilot project will lead to external funding (either NIH, ICMR, DBT etc.)

Collaborations: Include names, affiliations and roles of the collaborators 

Specific Aims: Establish the purpose of the study and define the objectives.  

Methods: Describe the study type and feasibility and validity. Details should focus on the novel aspects of the project rather than published or standard techniques. Statistical approaches to data analysis should be outlined where applicable. 

Key Project Milestones: Describe the 18-month project timeline and proposed outcomes

Future plans: Including future larger grant submission plans with tentative dates