Student Opportunities

The Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health offers a variety of opportunities for students seeking to conduct field studies in India.

For GKII Student Interns

GKII Internships: These internships are open to graduate and undergraduate-level Johns Hopkins University to support its burgeoning initiatives and multidisciplinary collaboration. We currently have three openings:

  • Data Analyst Intern (GKII002)
  • Data Analyst Interns (GKII003)
  • Communications and Marketing Student Intern

Prospective Interns must register an account with the Johns Hopkins SMILE platform to apply.

For Faculty & Students

Global Health Established Field Placement Awards: These awards help JHU faculty members establish “sites” or scopes of work within their existing international projects. Students can then apply to the GHEFP to conduct research and practice activities that support those projects.

For Graduate Students

Global Health Field Research Awards: These awards support student-initiated India field research projects, which can be sub-studies of a faculty member’s parent study, but research questions are student-initiated. This program is currently closed for the 2021-22 academic year.

For Residents & Fellows

Paul S. Lietman Global Travel Grant: The Lietman Grant supports clinical rotations overseas in low- and middle-income countries, including India.

For Doctoral and Post-Doc Candidates from the US, and Post-doc Candidates from India

UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship: The Center for Global Health is part of the UJMT Fogarty Consortium, funded by the Fogarty International Center within the National Institutes of Health. Trainee research projects are supported by mentors with expertise in clinical, public health, laboratory, and implementation science. Applicants from different levels of training, including postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students, are invited to apply.