Welcome to GKII’s collection of online courses designed to advance research skills in public health and medicine, developed by the esteemed faculty at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). 

GKII’s curated list of online, self-paced courses offered through Coursera provide foundational concepts in global health to advanced biostatistics and program evaluation techniques, to cover a wide range of topics relevant to public health practitioners, researchers, students, and healthcare professionals.

Current JHU students, faculty, and staff can use their JHED ID to enroll for free through Coursera for JHU.

We invite you to explore topics that interest you to align with your professional goals and to enroll in any of these courses through the Coursera platform. 

To request custom research education and training tailored for India audiences, please contact the GKII Programs Team at [email protected]. 

Foundational Public Health Concepts: 

Biostatistics and Data Analysis: 

Health Program Evaluation: 

Health Equity and Research Methods: 

Infectious Disease and Epidemiology: 

Health Informatics and Data Literacy: