GKII appoints new faculty co-chair and executive director

THE HUB, January 12, 2023 Sara Bennett, a professor in the Department of International Health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health who focuses on health policy and systems in low and middle-income countries, has been appointed as the new faculty co-chair. Melody McCoy, former vice president of global engagement and communications for Jhpiego has been appointed as the institute's inaugural executive director. Both Bennett and McCoy bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to GKII.

"A Message From the Next Generation: I Believe in You—Take Control of Your Health"

JACC: ADVANCES, January 11, 2023 In this issue of JACC Advances, Dr. Jaideep Patel and his team evaluated the association of disaggregated Asian racial data as it relates to f obstructive coronary disease.