The Gupta-Klinsky India Institute (GKII) at Johns Hopkins University is pleased to announce the Girish and Himangi Rishi Student Travel Awards (GRSTA), a travel grant program awarded to develop the next generation of thought leaders and researchers in India.

The Girish and Himangi Rishi Student Travel Awards will support students traveling from Johns Hopkins University to India across any school, division, department, or center, for the purpose of research, field practicums, capstone research, student travel exchange et al. at JHU sites in India under the Center for Global Health. Each travel award will be up to $3,500 per student. This program will support up to 8 students in the 2024 cycle. 

The travel award should only be used for approved purposes, including travel expenses like air fare, local travel, accommodation, food expenses, vaccines, or other approved uses as defined by Johns Hopkins policies and the Center for Global Health Global Health Established Field Placements (GHEFP) program. It may not be retained by the recipient for personal use. 

JHU students traveling to India for research or field work must apply through the following program:

Program: Global Health Established Field Placements (GHEFP)
Centre/School: Centre for Global Health
Link to Apply: GHEFP

Application Deadline: February 7, 2024, 11:59am EST
Intended number of award(s) at India GHEFP Placement Sites: Up to 8

About the Gupta-Klinsky India Institute

The Gupta-Klinsky India Institute (GKII) brings together the best of the Johns Hopkins community – faculty, staff, students, and alumni – and a diverse range of Indian partners to improve society in India and beyond through research, education, policy, and practice.

With Appreciation to Our Donors

Girish Rishi, an alumnus of the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), is an accomplished tech executive, now CEO of the industrial software company Cognite, with a passion for business and technology and with a zeal for solving challenges of urban hunger, sustainable diets, and health inequity. Himangi Rishi is specifically interested in improving maternal and child health through better access to quality food and nutrition.