Alessandro Rebucci is an Associate Professor in Finance and Economics at the Carey Business School, holding a joint appointment with the Economics Department of the Krieger School of Art and Science. Prof. Rebucci is a NBER Faculty Research Fellow (International Finance and Macroeconomics Program), a CEPR Research Fellow (International Macroeconomics and Finance Programme), and a Research Fellow at the Center for Urban & Real Estate Management, Globalization of Real Estate Network (University of Zurich) and the Centre for Applied Financial Economics (University of Southern California). He is Associate Editor for the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, the Journal of Banking of Finance, the Journal of International Money and Finance, and Economia (the Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association–LACEA). Prof. Rebucci had Visiting Scholar Positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, the Central Bank of Finland, and the IMF Research Department. Before joining Carey, Prof. Rebucci held research and policy positions at the Inter-American Development Bank (2008-2013) and the International Monetary Fund (1998-2008). His research interests include international finance and banking, and more recently the study of the diffusion and impact of COVID-19.