I have conducted a series of studies on measuring and comparing subnational and national inequalities in healthcare financing, out-of-pocket expenditure, access to care, and provision of healthcare services in India. Most recently, I have been working with the USAID-funded ACCELERATE project in support of India’s National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS to assess the cost-effectiveness of key-populations HIV/AIDS test and treat programs in India and have recently begun working with the Johns Hopkins Maternal and Child Health Center India (MCHI) in West Bengal to measure and track over time changes in the multi-dimensional inequality in access to maternal and child health services, including immunization. My current work focused on creating new metrics to capture the multi-dimensional and intersectional nature of inequality and incorporate it, routinely, into impact and economic evaluations of healthcare interventions utilizes the fourth round of the National Family Health Survey in India as a case study application of the methodology.