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Climate, Health and Society: India’s Challenges and Opportunities!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Keynote Addresses (Watch Keynote and Welcome)

  • Dr. Dalia Kirschbaum: Director of Earth Sciences Division, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA (Bio)
  • Dr. Suruchi Bhadwal: Director of the Climate Science Division, TERI (Bio)

Panel Discussions

 Climate Dynamics (Watch Panel Discussion)

  • Dr. R. Krishnan (Panel Co-Chair): Director, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (Bio)
  • Dr. Anand Gnaadadesikan (Panel Co-Chair): Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, JHU (Bio)
  • Dr. Ayantika Dey Choudhury: Scientist, Centre for Climate Change Research, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

   Clean Air (Watch Panel Discussion)

  • Dr. Pete DeCarlo (Panel Co-Chair): Associate Professor of Environmental Health and Engineering (Bio)
  • Dr. Ramya Sunder Raman (Panel Co-Chair): Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, IISER Bhopal (Bio)

   Clean Energy (Watch Panel Discussion)

  • Dr. Ben Hobbs (Panel Co-Chair): Schad Chair of Environmental Management, Dept. Environmental Health & Engineering, and Robert O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute (ROSEI) (Bio)
  • Dr. Puneet Chitkara (Panel Co-Chair): Executive Director, KPMG (Bio)
  • Mr. SR Narasimhan: Chairman and Managing Director of Power System Operation Corporation
  • Dr. Sijia Geng: Post-Doctoral Associate, MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems; Research Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, JHU
  • Dr. Yury Dvorkin: Associate Research Professor, Civil & Systems Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering, JHU

   Climate & Health (Watch Panel Discussion)

  • Dr. Nitish Dogra (Panel Co-Chair): Senior Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (Bio)
  • Dr. Ben Zaitchik (Panel Co-Chair): Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, JHU (Bio)
  • Dr. Anita Shet: Director, Maternal and Child Health India Center Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Dr. Dileep Mavalankar: Director, Indian Institute of Public Health
  • Dr. Purvi Patel: Senior Consultant, National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)

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