TB-Free Schools Initiative Propels Paediatric Tuberculosis Elimination Efforts

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE PRESS RELEASE, April 06, 2024 New Delhi, April 6, 2024 – Johns Hopkins University, in collaboration with national and state-level partners, is leading a multi-stakeholder initiative to address paediatric TB among Indian children.

GKII April 1 Newsletter

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE, April 01, 2024 This newsletter features our new One Hop Mentorship Group, a SAIS visit to India, World TB Day Events, and several news items and opportunities.

SAIS Cohort Visits India to Discuss AI and Space Industries

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE, March 28, 2024 The Technology and Security in Asia: India practicum at JHU SAIS consisted of two groups this year focusing on AI governance in India and US-India bilateral space collaboration. The cohort spent nine days in India from January 3rd to 12th, visiting New Delhi and Bengaluru. In Delhi, the groups engaged with stakeholders, researchers, and entrepreneurs from the AI and Space industries.

GKII February Newsletter

GUPTA-KLINKSY INDIA INSTITUTE, February 15, 2024 This newsletter features a letter from the Director, notes on the Public Healthcare Symposium, spotlights on Dr. Benjamin Zaitchik, Damini Agarwal, and Aarna Sanghai, several media mentions and a record number of opportunities.

Students, Progress, and Collaboration at the Heart of Latest Visit to India

GUPTA-KLINSKY India Institute, February 14, 2024 "In December I traveled again to India for a whirlwind visit alongside our Deputy Director Neetisha Besra, covering four states in six days-- a testament to the bustling diversity and dynamism of India!" -- Director Melody McCoy

Damini Agarwal Alumni Spotlight

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE, February 13, 2024 How did your journey at Hopkins shape your career in biomedical technology? Any specific experiences or lessons that stand out? My biggest learning from my Hopkins journey, was to not be afraid of the unknown. As a young researcher, one naturally gravitates towards trying to solve problems that we already know answers to. However, my Hopkins education challenged me to have confidence in my abilities and to use them to push the boundaries of science. This has led to a rich career in research and development of bionic arms, where we redefine the unknown each day!

Benjamin Zaitchik Faculty Spotlight

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE, February 12, 2024 “One thing that has struck me traveling and working in India is the public recognition of the importance and value of infrastructure for natural resources.” Benjamin Zaitchik, a professor in the department of earth and planetary sciences at Johns Hopkins University, focuses mostly on regional climate in his research, trying to understand the atmosphere, the climate system, and what factors drive and extreme weather events.

GKII January Newsletter

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE, January 22, 2024 This newsletter showcases four awardees from our latest Breakthrough Research Grants in Health Data Research with Ashoka, and the awardee of the Climate and Health grant, a Faculty Spotlight on Sara Bennett, and new alumni survey!

Sara Bennett Faculty Spotlight

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE, January 18, 2024 Dr. Sara Bennett, a seasoned health policy and systems researcher, has been involved with India’s healthcare sector since her early career. Her expertise lies in dissecting health systems’ structures, focusing on financing and governance, in an effort to comprehend policy formation.

GKII Announces Breakthrough Grant Awardees for Health Data Research

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE, January 15, 2024 This exciting collaboration with Ashoka University is focused on the field of Health Data Research. Two teams were selected, each with a lead PI from both Johns Hopkins University and Ashoka University. This grant challenge awards $60,000 to each winning proposal for 18 months.

Dr. Gigi Gronvall the Awardee of GKII Climate & Health Breakthrough Grant

GUPTA-KLINSKY INDIA INSTITUTE, January 13, 2024 The Gupta-Klinsky India Institute is excited to announce that Dr. Gigi Gronvall, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been selected as the awardee of the Summer 2023 GKII Breakthrough Research Grants Program!