Rina Agarwala, PhD

Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Agarwala studies how vulnerable populations, particularly workers, assert their rights through social movements. Her research has examined a range of working populations (including informal workers and migrant workers), workers’ identities (including class, gender, and caste), and worker industries (including construction, tobacco manufacturing, garment manufacturing, trash collection, domestic work, and agricultural labor).

  • Human Rights
  • Political Sciences

Rebecca M. Brown, PhD

Professor of Art History & Chair of Advanced Academic Programs in Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Rebecca M. Brown’s research engages in the history of art, architecture, and visual culture of South Asia from the late eighteenth century to the present. Her publications focus on the British colonial era, the anti-colonial movement, art after India’s independence, and the politics of display in the long 1980s. Her current research examines the works of painter KCS Paniker (1911–77). She is also writing on Dayanita Singh, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, and Rina Banerjee.

  • Art

Yujung Hwang, PhD

Assistant Professor Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Professor Hwang is working on caste identity and caste discrimination in India. She is preparing fieldwork to interview people on how people form caste identity and how they perceive discrimination by caste in India.

  • Impact of Race and Culture

Nitu Kitchloo, PhD

Professor of Mathematics Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Nitu Kitchloo is a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Johns Hopkins. In the early part of Professor Kitchloo's career, he was an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins before moving to the University of California, San Diego as an associate professor in 2004. In 2010, he returned to Johns Hopkins as a professor.

  • Education
  • Mathematics

Benjamin Zaitchik, PhD

Professor Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

In collaboration with colleagues in India, we develop tools for seasonal hydrological forecast and water resource assessment across the country. These tools are based on the integration of satellite-derived datasets with meteorological and hydrological models. They have been applied to drought monitoring and forecast systems and to estimates of water demand for irrigation.

  • Earth & Planetary Sciences