Inaugural Annual Conference

Inaugural Annual Conference

Gupta-Klinsky India Institute, September 28, 2022 Watch the recordings now for this virtual event, held on Wednesday, September 28th. Four panels were convened for our inaugural annual conference, "Climate, Health and Society: India’s Challenges and Opportunities."
Monthly Seminar Series

GKII August Seminar

Gupta-Klinsky India Institute, August 18, 2022 Sam Asher, Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Imperial College London (formerly JHU SAIS), spoke on the topic: Development in High Resolution: Big, Open Data for Research and Policy in India.

HIV Seminar

Gupta-Klinsky India Institute, June 21, 2022 This recording with with Drs. Steven Clipman and Sunil Solomon focuses on computational and programmatic innovations to improve HIV prevention and care in India.

Applying Lessons Learned from COVID for a Stronger Health System

Gupta-Klinsky India Institute, April 07, 2022 View it now! GKII livestreamed our first India-based event since our launch in 2021. This panel discussion focused on the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and what we can learn from it to create a more resilient health system.

Tech For Good: India Inc.'s Commitment to Research & Innovation

Gupta-Klinsky India Institute, April 04, 2022 View it now! GKII livestreamed our first India-based event since our launch in 2021. This panel discussion focused on the role of corporate India in global research and innovation and explored ties between the private and academic sectors.

India Tour 2022

Gupta-Klinsky India Institute, April 03, 2022 We're off to India! Learn about more about our tour, and register for events

The COVID-19 Response in India: Impact on Women and Children's Health and Wellbeing- Course

Johns Hopkins Maternal and Child Health Center India, March 04, 2022 The Johns Hopkins Maternal and Child Health Center, recently shared its third iteration of its most popular course offering: The COVID-19 Response in India: Impact on Women and Children’s Health and Well-being. This updated version leverages a new partnership with the National Health Systems Resource Center (NHSRC), which will incorporate the most recent guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), an increased focus on solutions and lessons learned, as well as voices of nearly a dozen new guest experts including health systems experts and policymakers from India.

Making COVID-19 vaccines APPEALing: Pilot message testing in India

International Vaccine Access Center; Bloomberg School of Public Health, February 17, 2022 Vaccines do not save lives; vaccination does. But what are the best message appeals to move people toward vaccine acceptance? In this interactive webinar, you will first learn about the findings from a literature review that examined message appeals and their effectiveness in nudging people toward vaccine acceptance. You will then see how various appeals were tested among individuals in India to see which appeals are most persuasive in vaccine decision-making. Date: Feb 17, 2022 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Faculty Panel on Research and Care Delivery in South Asia with SAMSA

Johns Hopkins India Institute; JHSAMSA, February 01, 2022 Learn more about Johns Hopkins University’s involvement in South Asia as the Johns Hopkins South Asian Medical Student Association (JHSAMSA) hosts their first panel on research and care delivery with JHII.